August 23, 2017

Here we grow again!


  1. 5+ years verified studio experience 
  2. VA license (or able to get one)
  3. Fixed Schedule: Sat-Tues noon-8:15pm
  4. Great earning potential 
  5. Private booth with private hand washing station (furnished or not)
  6. Guest spot to try things out
  7. Test tattoo Req'd on your own canvas
  9. Must behave respectfully to the patron wanting simple designs or complex ones
  10. Immediate position
  11. No drugs or alcohol at work
  12. Long term sought: great schools, lots to do outside here, 45 miles from DC, 7th wealthiest county in the US
  13. Must be able to draw on the fly and keep up with steady demand
  14. Portfolio required
  15. Apply in person
  16. As a studio when we're off work we enjoy Rennaissance faires, obstacle races, and breweries.
  17. We are located at 395 Garrisonville Rd., Ste. 103, Stafford, VA 22554
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July 19, 2017

We are hiring TWO smiling faces for customer service positions to join the Dark Horse team.

Both jobs are part time: one position is permanent and is between two and four days a week; the other position is seasonal/temporary (September until Jan 1) and runs two days a week. 

Both are hourly positions and are between 11:45am and 8:45pm.  Both require comfort with advanced software systems, general c/s, cleaning, cashiering and tasks as assigned.



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Now Serving Tattoo Enthusiasts

May 6, 2017

We have changed our focus recently to tattooing and retail body jewelry sales only. We will no longer offer ANY new body piercing, adjustment, installation or trouble shooting. We have decided to focus exclusively on tattooing and retail sales.

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2017 New Changes

January 8, 2017


Our 2017 outlook is as follows:

  • We are open Wednesday to Sunday noon to eight (except for major holidays or severe weather)
  • We have two full time Artists  but no piercer.
  • Our receptionist handles scheduling, consultations, appointments, rescheduling and all things related to getting an estimate for a tattoo in person only please.

We hope to see you soon.


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Holiday Hours

October 29, 2016

Please note our holiday hours below...


10-31-16 Closed

11-23-16 Closing at 5pm

11-24-16 Closed

11-25-16 Closed

12-24-16 Closing at 5pm

12-25-16 Closed

12-26-16 Closed

12-31-16 Closing at 5pm

1-1-17 Closed

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New Stuff

June 18, 2016

So new stuff is afoot!

We have a new logo featured on new outdoors stickers.

A rocking new website should launch sometime in July.

Other goodness is also on its way.



The Dark Horsemen 


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Holiday Hours

December 10, 2015

Christmas Eve: 4:30 close

Christmas: closed

Boxing Day: closed

New Years Eve: 4:30 close

New Years Day: closed


DHT wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From our family to yours, enjoy the season.

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Thanksgiving Week

November 20, 2015

We will be closed Thanksgiving and Black Friday. We appreciate your support.


Have a great holiday.



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Behold The Reaper

October 11, 2015

Please be advised our own Electric Steve is about to go under the blade so if you need piercings, adjustments, installation of jewelry the time is nigh. After the 18th of October, he'll be out for a undetermined amount of time. Come forth, piercing enthusiasts!

We are sorry for any inconvenience.


The Darkhorsemen 

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Renaissance Faire

September 11, 2015

Please join us at the Maryland Renaissance Fair 9-20-15. We'll be in costume at the front gates at high noon. Join the Dark Horsemen for a day of anachronistic fun.

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Beautiful August

August 14, 2015

DHT has been participating in the board game nights at Applebee's. If you swing by, you might win a prize from us.


New shirts are in both men's and women's sizes. We have long sleeves and short sleeves in women's and long sleeves in men's. Get 'me while they last.


Electric Steve will be taking a leave of absence in October to January due to health reasons. No piercing can be done during that time. Please get your piercings, adjustments and jewelry NOW.


Best Wishes,

The Dark Horsemen

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July 23, 2015

Does It Always Comes Down to Price?

People's first question when it comes to getting a tattoo is, "How much is it going to cost?" 

This IS an important question because everyone has a budget but it isn't the most important question to ask.

After all, a cheap price doesn't mean you're getting a great deal if you got poor quality work, an unclean shop, a bad attitude or an unprofessional experience.

If you like our artwork, that is what should matter the most. You will not know what our price is until you talk to us. Please give us a chance. Ask around. Look at our work.

We're established and respected for a reason. We want to be your tattoo studio so check out our quality, cleanliness and customer service. 

Our shop minimum is $60.
Our hourly rate for complex or large scale work is $150 per hour.

Sometimes we charge by the piece.

Sometimes we charge by the hour.

We will try to work within your budget.

We can not give accurate estimates by email or telephone ESPECIALLY if there is no design for us to view.

To eliminate confusion and give you the most ACCURATE price estimate we need to know:

1. EXACTLY what you want tattooed and how you want it to look. 

It's not helpful to ask a price on a "medium sized tattoo with average detail" any more than calling a restaurant asking the price of a medium sized lunch with average ingredients. Do you want color? All black? Grey shaded? Do want realistic work, new school, old school, illustrative, watercolor, ect? SEEING your design is the only way we can help you out.

2. EXACTLY how big (or small) you want it in inches tall and wide. 
Get a ruler and measure what you want. Your idea of medium is different than any other person's. Also please note, the more detail in your design the larger it must be tattooed. Even if you want the Mona Lisa on your big toe doesn't mean it's possible to tattoo it at that size and have it last through time.

3. EXACTLY where you want the tattoo.
Body placement effects the cost because it effects the time and difficulty required to do the work. A script name on the ribs will always cost more than on the calf because it is more difficult and time consuming to work on ribs, hips, stomachs, etc. Also certain placements effect how art must be drawn, so for example the art is differently drawn for the inside of the right ankle than the outside of the right ankle. 


If you only care about getting the lowest price, we wish you luck with that. We think the real issue is that not all tattoo artists are created equal in terms of the quality of the art or the time they put into the piece. Given our studio does one cover up of poor work nearly every day you can imagine the number of unskilled people out there.
We want to give you a beautiful, professional tattoo but just like everyone else we have to cover our bills. A tattoo's cost covers more than just the artist's skill. It includes rent, utilities, credit card processing fees, insurance, receptionist costs, photo copies, needles, ink, bandages, ink caps, rinse cups, disinfectants, disposable barriers, stencils, razors, paper work, custodial cleaning, furniture, equipment and on and on and on.

If YOU wouldn't be enthusiastic about taking a steep pay cut for what you do for a living, you'd have to wonder why anyone would even ask yet we have people regularly demand free products and services from us. You can imagine how you'd feel if your boss asked the same of you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope it helps explain the differences in pricing.
The Dark Horsemen 


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July Fun

July 6, 2015

July is turning out to be a great month. We're busy churning out beautiful tattoos and piercings. We are pleased to be staring two full back pieces, a full sleeve and some other very large body sets.


We have our eye on the company's seventh anniversary in October. Any ideas on how to celebrate? Let us know!


Phoenix Digital media is promoting us during game nights. If you stop by for a glow in the dark Jenga game you might also win a goodie from us. Check out Phoenix Digital Media on Facebook for more details.

See you soon!

The Dark Horsemen

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Hello World

June 18, 2015

July 4th the shop will be closed in honor of Independence Day. July 5th we'll have reduced hours of 2pm to 8pm.


We'll be at RFK stadium taking in the Foo Fighters.

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Koi Fish

May 8, 2015

Koi fish are actually Chinese in origin and koi means " carp". Koi were introduced to Japan and today are a modern pricy hobby with some rare colors and patterns costing thousands of Yen. 

Koi tattoos can can also make wonderful cover up tattoos. They have excellent visual impact and interesting body positions. Lots of pop and drama can go into a koi fish tattoo.

Indeed the koi fish is very popular in Asia as show pieces of wealth. Some businessmen house koi in private aquarium facilities to hide the expense from their wives who traditionally determine all family financial expenditures.

In art the koi are pictured with certain floral elements to represent the season. Maple leaves indicate fall and cherry blossoms indicate spring. The fish come in most colors including black, yellow, red, orange, blue, white and calico varieties. 

Koi fish are also associated with dragons. Legend has it one in several thousand fish will ascend to the sky as a dragon when they swim past a certain point in a particular river named after dragons.

Some loosely based meanings of koi fish in art include courage, loyalty and being a samurai warrior. The are generally considered lucky and to have the power to absorb negativity. For this reason goldfish are often kept in office cubicles as pets of workers.

Cat loves doing koi fish tattoos and dragon-koi tattoos. From the realistic to the cartoony, from grey tones, to realistic colors to candy land color bombs, we like working on these interesting, adaptable fish.

Koi fish tattoo by Cat


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Mother's Day

April 15, 2015

As a reminder, DHT will be closed May 10th, Mother's Day. Please plan accordingly.



The Darkhorsemen

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April 9, 2015

We at Dark Horse Tattoos have been enjoying the tremendous loyalty and respect of our clients. This month alone we received as gifts from our clientelle: Dark Horse Wine (Red & white), Dark Horse Beer, German chocolate, venison, plants and even furniture. We are blessed! Thank you Lorraine, Jennifer & Gabe, Steve K., Kathy and Larry.

Have you been in the market for a new piercing or jewelry? Remember, summer is around the corner and high end manufacturers are gearing up with amazing new offerings. Whisper in Electric Steve's ear if you want to get something shiny and precious.

We love cover ups here at Dark Horse! We want to fix your bad tattoo but you have to swing by with an idea of what you might prefer and we'll see what we can do! Just a heads up, you can't get an appointment for a cover up without visiting us first.


The Dark Horsemen

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March 27, 2015

Here at Dark Horse Tattoos in beautiful Stafford, Virginia, we have been enjoying some wonderful new projects. Thank you for your patronage! 


If you you have been thinking of a new tattoo or body piercing, we invite you to check out our tattoo studio located next to 2BTan, the 610 Car Wash, Vinny's Pizza, and Sherwin Williams.

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Price Shopping

February 27, 2015

Please understand tattoo pricing is best done IN PERSON.


  • Please bring PRINT OUTS of what you want. A teeny picture on your cell phone isn't helpful.


  • We can't "guess" how much a tattoo is based on a verbal or written descriptions. We need to either see a single picture or collection of reference photos.


  • We need to know WHERE on your body you want it, how big (tall and wide) in inches, whether you want color or shading and every detail about how you want it to look.


  • We only draw custom art AFTER you put down a nonrefundable $50 deposit.


  • Please understand our minimum cost is $60 for a tattoo.
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January 2, 2015

I'm pleased to welcome the New Year at DHT. We had such a wonderful 2014 and are looking forward to a wonderful new life at our new studio location (395 Garrisonville Rd., Unit 103, Stafford, VA 22554).


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Holiday Hours

November 19, 2014
It's that time of year again folks. DHTBP wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years. Please observe our holiday hours as listed below.

Thanksgiving Day -Closed

Black Friday -Closed

Christmas Eve -Closed

Christmas -Closed

New Year's Eve -Closing at 5:30pm

New Year's Day -Closed

We will hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Be aware we do not open during severe inclement weather so if the roads are bad, give a call before you drive!

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November 11, 2014
We had a wonderful time in Richmond this past week. Steve and Cat hung out at Station 2 with the Richmond Beard League. We enjoyed good company and good food.

Next we checked out comedian Ralphie May at the Richmond Funny Bone. He put on a great show and we had a ball. While at the show we met two of InkMaster's Season 2 contestants: new school expert Jessie Smith of Loose Screw and Lalo Yunda.

It was fun!

Catch ya soon!

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Autumn Awesomeness

November 3, 2014
October was a spectacular month. As most know, we moved our studio on October 1st to a fantastic larger, more convenient location next to the 620 Car Wash [395 Garrisonville Rd, across from CVS]. We had lots and lots of people attend our Grand Re-Opening and share in our great news.

We celebrated our sixth year in business on 10/8/14 and are so happy to have been able to serve Stafford, Virginia and the surrounding cities of Fredericksburg, Woodbridge, Dale City, Masoponix, Midlothian, Summerduck, Manassas and all of Nothern Virginia with fine quality tattoos and body piercing. It's been a wild ride and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Thank you friends.

As some of you may know, Cat has a profound appreciation for all things Halloweenie and has gone to many local haunted attractions this season. We visited Wicked Woods, Haunted Hill, Devil's Den and Pennhurst Asylum. Everyone was fun but we named as our favorite for over-all scary delight. It's a beautiful outdoor haunt with really motivated actors. We want to visit even more haunts next year.

Dark Horse Tattoos enjoyed several wonderful gifts from friends including a beautiful skull wreath created by the very talented Cat G and the most fantastic jack-o-lantern by Chris G. Jon's client and running buddy Mark dropped off a stylish pirate pumpkin and our newest tattoo artist Laura C. fed us peanutbutter eyeballs to compliment the batty Hello Kitty she gave to Miss Cat.

Cat has been on a twisted princess kick and has drawn up several Disney-inspired pieces she's love to tattoo from a DJ Cinderella to a Valkyrie Rapunzel, it's been a crazy mood. If you or a friend want a Disney princess tattoo let her know. She'd love to make that dream come true.

We are looking forward to a wonderful November.

Your Friends in Ink

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Halloween Hours

October 24, 2014
DHT will have modified hours Halloween weekend.
FRIDAY Closed 10/31/14
SATURDAY Open Noon-7:30 11/1/14
SUNDAY Open Noon-9pm 11/2/14
We wish every ghoul and Guy a horrifying holiday.
Frightfully Yours,
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October 18, 2014

Hey Halloween enthusiasts!

We love Halloween. Candy, sweater-weather and the best holiday of the year.

Swing by with your Halloween themed tattoo ideas and Miss Cat would love to work on them being as it is her very favorite holiday. Like jack-o-lanterns? Maybe something batty? Or a big bad Frankenstein's bride? She is your girl!

Visit us in our new location at 395 Garrisonville Road (nearest cross street is Onville Road) in Stafford, Virginia. We love tattooing and piercing all of Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC and hope to see YOU soon!

Have a very Happy Halloween!

Your Friends at Dark Horse Tattoos & Body Piercing

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New Studio

October 6, 2014
Our new studio located at 395 Garrisonville Road in Stafford concluded its maiden voyage into being with the help of many wonderful people and companies who made it all possible. Thank you one and all.

Our Grand Opening party which we held on our first day in our new, larger space welcome over 75 visitors who shared yummy cupcakes and partook of gifts including candy jars, tee shirts, shot glasses, Pilsner glasses, gift certificates, stickers, magnets, plenty of candy, pop and good times.

We are very pleased to have tattooed some very large pieces this week including a great Captain America comic style tattoo, a large foo dog cover up and a blue heron sleeve tattoo. We took some sleeve deposits and had a ball showing off the swanky new space.

We hope you will join us soon and don't forget to ask about our Bumper Sticker Blast promotion.

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Swag Bag Bundles!

September 26, 2014
Grab some free pizza, nosh on a cupcake and get a free swag bag at our Grand Opening party Wednesday noon to nine on October 1st.

395 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA 22554

(540) 288-8370 Read More


September 11, 2014
DHT honors the memory of those that passed on 9/11. May those that fell Rest In Eternal Peace and those left behind remember and be comforted. Read More

How To Schedule An Appointment

August 3, 2014
Want to make an appointment?
Please follow these tips:
1. Please come in person with references. We cannot make you an appointment without seeing what you want, how big and where on your body.
These factors determine how long the appointment will take and how much it will cost.
2. Please do NOT email to schedule, reschedule or check openings. Not only do we not have access to the schedule via the Internet but also we cannot take appointment deposits that way.
3. Please be aware social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not the way to chat about your tattoo. We want to devote our full attention to you live and in person. Please drop by the shop.
DHT Read More

Cartoons and Comic Books

July 8, 2014
I have had the great privilege to tattoo several comic book, cartoon and video game characters over the years but never with more enjoyment than now. I have a large Captain America in DC piece I'm working on. I recently finished an adorable Pokemon. I did Vanelope Von Sweetz from Wreck It Ralph, several Mario tattoos and a Harley Quinn. I really enjoy comics, anime, cartoons and animation tattoos. I am hoping to make a My Little Pony, a comic book style Catwoman and more Pokemon characters soon. I like the bright colors and fun expressions found in this style of art. A few years ago I discovered how very popular this style of art is in Belgium which is home to the creation of both TinTin and the Smurf characters. They have enormous museums and swanky stores dedicated to the love of comic art which is also my first love in art. If you know anyone who might like a custom My Little Pony tattoo let them know I'm looking for them! Your Friend, Cat Stafford, Virginia Read More


June 20, 2014
I drew a lovely marine themed half-sleeve that's looking for its forever home. It's meant to be very colorful. If you know someone into sea life, oceans, anchors, coral/reefs and of course mighty krakens send them my way. They just might get a wonderful piece. Read More

Summer Fun

May 12, 2014
We are very pleased to thank our fans, friends and supporters for the single busiest Mother's Day since our inception. We did a record number of services spanning things as large as a back piece session to as small as a single initial. We enjoy a variety of clients from large scale collectors to nervous first timers. Sometimes we do very complicated tattoos and sometimes very simple ones. Whatever your taste and budget, please give us the chance to work on your next tattoo. Your friend, Cat Read More

Earth Day

April 23, 2014
Well it's been so incredibly busy in my personal life that I've barely had time to breathe. This Monday I will be traveling to New York to take a sculpture class from one of the best. Both Steve and I will be working on one-sixth scale character bust out of clay. Look for pictures on my Instagram feed @darkhorsetattoos In other news, Cat is starting a large good and evil themed back piece tattoo this week. She is also finishing up a sugar skull half sleeve. I hope you all are having a fantastic Spring. Bless you and yours and thank you for your continued support. Your Friend, Cat Read More

What's New With You?

April 8, 2014

Things are humming right along with our northern Virginia tattoo studio. Stafford is really beautiful in the Spring.

Cat has turned out some interesting projects lately including some new custom art, some custome half sleeves and a new back piece project. Tattooing interesting projects makes the day go by so quickly. She has also reproduced a client's daughter's artwork as a tattoo this past weekend along with drawing for a large upcoming cover up tattoo.

Jon has tattooed a beautiful mermaid and helped out some folks needing tattoo add-ons and re-works. There have been numerous tattoo cover up requests as well.

Our new apprentices Laura and Denise have been drawing gorgeous new tattoo art and getting a little taste of the trade.

Steve has been swamped with genital piercing projects including lots of new VCHs, an ampallang and a dydoe.

To let you know, Dark Horse Tattoos and Body Piercing will be closed:

Sunday, April 20, 2014 In honor of Easter.

What's new with you?

Your friend,


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Out like a lion

March 31, 2014
Well I for one am entirely sick of this Northern Virginia weather! Who can believe we got snow and sleet in the last week in March?! Crazy. Let's hope old man winter just goes ahead and expires. I have been enjoying new inspiration after getting back from my annual pilgrimage to STL. I have been trying some new subjects and techniques. Check out my art gallery and tell me what you think about this custom art. We have been enjoying meeting new clients and returning ones. Thank you for your continued support. Your Friend, Cat Read More

March Madness

March 11, 2014

Stafford is abuzz with several new tattoo clients here at Dark Horse Tattoos and Body Piercing. We enjoyed a particularly outstanding day earlier this month which topped our daily record of deposits taken with 18 new deposits between Jon and Cat. Wow!

There is great back piece in our future, a huge sleeve cover up ad countless half sleeves. Lots of folks are trying to squeeze in our schedules before sleeves go up at Quanitco Marine Corps Base. You can't stop the military from getting tattooed; I don't know why command even bothers.

Cat has had the pleasure of offering new pieces of art. Every now and then, a fun concept takes over and she goes wild. She and Steve are looking forward to taking a sculpture class with one of stars of the reality TV show Carvers. Hopefully they will each have a character piece to show for it. Without too much experience in sculpture these two should have fun even if it doesn't turn out to be the most techinically perfect expression of comic book art.

Steve has been doing a ton of surface anchors, septum piercings and genital piercings lately. He did the most lovely Medusa the other day!

Jon's keeping busy with fun new pieces. He did a really great flower just the other day.

We are happy to say it looks like Sring has sprung. Please stop by and say hello.

Your Friend,


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Busy Week

February 24, 2014

It was a crazy fun week at Dark Horse Tattoos and Body Piercing! Clearly Stafford is the most rockin' little town in Northern Virginia!

I finished up a fun back piece of a skull and roses with an old school dagger. I also did a fun vintage wolf tattoo sandwiched between several other one-off traditional tattoos. I also had the pleasure if tattooing a super fun girly scorpion tattoo. Finally I had the honor if fixing a husband and wife's set of matching yang yang tattoos.

Steve did the most beautiful Medusa piercing I've ever seen. It was a knockout. I'm so utterly envious of that pretty piercing. He also did a fancy septum, a double nostril and some other pieces. I am so excited to see the new jewelry he got in. I'm thinking of ordering something really special for summer.

Jon has had some great clients come see him. He us such a flexible person and he is so friendly that he could literally charm birds out if the trees and onto the next feather bird tattoo. I am so proud of how happy he makes everyone. He just brings sunshine into everyone's day. Read More

New Ink, New Season

February 19, 2014
As our busy season has taken off like a bat out of hell, things are happening around here so quickly that if you blink, you'll miss it!

Cat and Steve just got back from adding on to their large scale works in progress. Cat was able to finish her calf sock completely in a very short twelve hours split into two sessions. Steve still isn't finished with his right arm at 32 hours--he's probably got five hours left. Just goes to show, if you want big work, be prepared for a big time commitment ! Meanwhile, Jon has got his own upper shoulder cap just about finished. This cover up took about six hours but there is a chest piece to add in as well.

Cat and Steve are getting ready to hit the Saint Louis HAA convention. The annual pilgrimage to the Arch is always good fun. So these two haunted house fans will be out of the office from 3/17-3/25.

In March, our two new apprentices, Laura and Denise will be starting with us. Laura is good with comic book style cartoons while Denise is great at anime. We look forward to getting our new gals up to speed and seeing new art grow from them. Should be a fun spring! Read More

Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2014
Have a great romantic day with your sweetie at DHT. We're open at noon and looking forward to seeing all the happy people who are in love with tattoos and quality body piercings. Read More


February 7, 2014

I have to say I am really enjoying the new Dark Horse website. I think it is so much more functional and attractive than the website's last version and we have heard from many customers that they like it too.

There's a little bit of buzz in the air as everyone is anticipating Spring's full-blown arrival. I, for one, am completely over this thing they call Winter. It's for the birds! Bring me the delicate pink of the cherry blossom festival in Washington, DC or the sizzling splendor of a star gazer lily blooming outside my door in Stafford, Virginia. pretty much anything EXCEPT the biting cold, dirty snow and polar blasts we've been having this season.

Electric Steve has gotten some amazing new body jewelry in stock in from one of our favorite vendors - Industrial Strength. There are some knock out pieces with tons of sparkle and shine for the ladies. The surface anchor tops are killer and the navel jewelry in stock is beyond compare. If you find yourself in need of a dazzling new upgrade or don't react well to junk jewelry, do yourself a favor and swing on by. Beach season is just around the corner!

Jon has been knocking it out of the park lately and today was exceptionally good. He did the most fantastic, technically precise Polynesian half sleeve that totally set the bar impossibly high. It was gorgeous. If you like the big bold look of tribal you should give him a shout because he really does a bang up job folks.

I, myself, have been blessed with several larger projects in the works and can't wait to show the completed work off. From a highly difficult double cover up with a hunting & fishing theme to a large Asian style phoenix chest panel and quarter sleeve, there are big things brewing.

I hope to see you all soon!

Your friend,





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Year of the Horse

January 12, 2014

With a fanfare reserved for minor starlets, Cat has been welcomed back into her home studio Dark Horse Tattoos and Body Piercing in Stafford, Virginia after her long (grueling!) recovery from major surgery. She's been thowing down some killer custom artwork and if you like Instagram you can see some of the good stuff there as well as here under the Art section.

We are pleased to be planning some surprises for this year but we -ahem- don't want to let the cat out of the bag just quite yet. Keep your ear to the ground if you're interested though because big things are coming. Seriously. Remember, it's the Chinese Year of the Horse. It's our year so come be a part of it. Everyone's welcome.

In other news, our Tattooing Department has been doing a number of custom add-ons, re-inks and re-dos to existing tattoos. If you, or someone you know, is wanting a little drama in their day and the usual Facebook he-said-she-said-Meme dynamic isn't your thing, swing by to see what your tattoo can evolve in to. You may be surprised. Jon did a beautiul phoenix tatoo recently as an add on to an existing tattoo and Cat did a Miami Hurrica's add-on that increased the size of the original tattoo to a custom quarter sleeve sports themed tattoo.

In other news, we'd like to congratulate our floor hostess Tegan and John on their recent marriage! We wish you every happiness. Also a shout-out to their gorgeous daughter Adie whom we hear took the tile of "Princess" recently; couldn't have happend to a more beautiful young lady.

Remember our motto, we may use needes but we are't pricks about it!



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New Artwork

January 9, 2014

skull dagger roses Sold as a tattoo to Matt G. to be tattooed in the future! Thank you Matt G!!!

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Inclement Weather

January 3, 2014

Inclement Weather

  • Telephone FIRST if the weather is icy, snowy or a wintery mix at 540-288-8370; generally if it snows, we close.
  • If the weather is inclement, give us a call to see if we are open or if you have an appointment, if need to reshcedule your appointment.
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New Website

December 1, 2013

We have debuted our new website. We hope you like it and find it easier to navigate and more useful to use. Please let us know your thoughts.

Thank you.

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